9 ½” (24 CM.) Wire Rack and Ring

9 ½” (24 CM.) New and improved small wire rack, the new design fits all Turbo Cookware.

The new racking system creates an entire 2nd cooking level (same way the original racks did) ideal for steaming vegetables, keeping food warm, poaching and a whole lot more.

The new design creates a 2-part system which includes a ring that sits on the inner ledge of the base and a wire basket that locks onto the ring. The ring itself can be used as a support for bowls and cake pans.

With the advent of our new glass covers, the ring allows the wire basket to be hung underneath it, so you can still steam foods in the basket.

The small wire rack is designed to sit on the inner ledge of the new Fry Pan and Sauce Pan from the Turbo Cookware™ collection as well as the original Turbo Cooker™ Junior.

The rack is top rack dishwasher safe.


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