About the coating


We use Whitfords revolutionary Fusion non-stick CeramicTM coating, and we have formulated the Ceranium coating with titanium to increase the longevity of our cookware.

Titanium is the lightest, toughest metal known to man, which makes it ideal for unusually demanding applications in many varied fields. Now titanium moves from aerospace to the common kitchen under the Fusion® brand family of coatings from Whitford.

FusionTI® is reinforced with Titanium taking this nonstick surface a giant step forward in durability and resistance to abrasion, far beyond any other ceramic coating tested so far.

FusionTI® uses titanium particles blended into the coating process to reinforce and strengthen it and is the latest breakthrough in ceramic technology.

FusionTI's® internal reinforcement of titanium creates resistance to scratching, abrasion and wear that exceeds most conventional nonstick coatings on the market.

FusionTI® is so resistant to damage because the titanium used is many times harder than the chrome and steel used in cooking utensils.

FusionTI's® nonstick system has been designed to create maximum synergy with the titanium, resulting in maximum resistance to wear with unparalleled release.

With FusionTI, consumers can now enjoy the benefits of the finest nonstick, knowing that it will stand up to almost anything.

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