Recipe Pack - The Ultimate Collection (175-pack)

The Ultimate Collection of seven (7), 25-recipe packs, including:

  • 25 recipes for Meals Made In Under 15-Minutes (Pack #72-0001)
  • 25 International Gourmet recipes (Pack #72-0002)
  • 25 recipes for Meals Made In Under 15-Minute & Low In Fat (Pack #72-0003)
  • 25 recipes for Full Course Meals - Low In Fat (Pack #72-0004)
  • 25 Family Favorites recipes (Pack #72-0005)
  • 25 recipes of the Best Pasta Dish (Pack #72-0006) AND
  • 25 recipes of our Super Soups (Pack #72-0007)

This Ultimate Collection is more than 45% off the regular price of the individual recipe packs

Each 5"x7" recipe card is laminated, in full color and includes all the tips and help you need to make great Turbo Cooker™ meals

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